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Tokyo 2021 Tickets

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, has admitted that the 2021 Olympics – which will still be known as Tokyo 2020 – will be ‘definitely different’ from previous events, and that there will be changes to how the international event is run.

Tickets for the Olympics are available from the official Tokyo 2021 website, the NOC * NSF, and their designated ticket offices. Single tickets were quickly sold out in most countries. Because there are only a limited number of tickets available and demand is high, an effort is still being made to obtain additional tickets for multiple countries.


Tokyo 2021

How to buy Olympic Tickets?

Many people have requested refunds for their tickets as a result of the Olympic postponement, so some tickets for Tokyo 2021 are still available. To view a list of official ticket resellers by country, go to this official website.

The 2021 Summer olympics Games will include 321 events in 32 sports, including 5 new sports introduced in Tokyo, as well as 15 new events within existing sports, such as 3-on-3 basketball, freestyle BMX, and new mixed events in several sports.

How much will it cost to attend the Olympics in Tokyo?

Individual ticket prices for Tokyo 2021 Olympics events vary greatly. How much will a trip to Japan to see the Olympics cost? Even without Olympic tickets, a two-week stay in Japan will set you back at least 3,000 USD per person.


Tokyo 2021 Tickets Prices

According to Tokyo organizers, approximately 600,000 Olympic tickets have been sold to people living outside of Japan. 4.45 million were purchased by Japanese residents. Organizers predicted 7.8 million tickets would be sold for the Olympics several years ago.

The organizers of the 2021 Tokyo Summer Games have stated that they want the games to be more youthful, urban, and inclusive of more women. The organizers expect over 12,000 athletes from 207 countries to compete in the games. The Olympic Village is only 8 kilometers (4.97 miles) away from 28 of Tokyo’s thirty-three competition venues.

Sports/ EventsPrice in USDPrice in Eur
Opening Ceremony112-2900 US$ 95-2700 EUR
Closing Ceremony112-2900 US$ 95-1900 EUR
Athletics (Marathon)23 US$ 20 EUR
Athletics (Speed Walking)
Baseball37 US$ 33 EUR
Basketball 28 US$ 25 EUR
Boxing32 US$ 29 EUR
Cycling (BMX Racing)27 US$ 24 EUR
Cycling (BMX Freestyle)35 US$ 31 EUR
Soccer23 US$ 20 EUR
Golf28 US$ 25 EUR
Gymnastics (Artistic)39 US$ 35 EUR
Gymnastics (Rhythmic)39 US$ 35 EUR
Gymnastics (Trampoline)52 US$ 47 EUR
Handball33 US$29 EUR
Judo38 US$34 EUR
Karate33 US$29 EUR
Hockey25 US$ 22 EUR
Rugby25 US$ 22 EUR


Tokyo 2021 Tickets Tokyo 2021 Tickets

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