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The Olympic Games are an invention of the ancient Greeks, they were dedicated to the Greek god Zeus. At Olympia, some mythological accounts credit Zeus with beginning the Games to celebrate his victory over Kronos.

Ancient Olympic Games

Historically, the Games were created to provide unity to the Hellenic world, which, at that time, was split into city-states which were constantly at war. These Games were held every four years. This four-year period acquired the name “Olympiad”


The Panhellenic Games

  • The Games at Olympia (Olympic Games): every four years
  • The Games at Delphi (Pythian Games), 582 B.C.: every four years 
  • The Games at the Isthmus of Corinth (Isthmian Games), from 580 B.C.: every two years
  • The Games at Nemea (Nemean Games), from 573 B.C.: every two years



The first modern Olympic Games

The modern International Olympic Games credit as their founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), IOC president in 1896. He wrote the Olympic Charter, protocol, and athletes’ oath, and he also planned the ceremonies. Coubertin was of the belief that ‘organised sport can create moral and social strength’.

The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece — a fitting place to rekindle the spirit of the early Greek Games. The second modern Olympic competition was relegated to a sideshow of the World Exhibition, which was being held in Paris in the summer of 1900.

In 1924, the first truly successful Olympic Games were held in Paris, involving more than 3,000 athletes, including more than 100 women, from 44 nations.


Modern Olympic Games – HISTORY

2020Tokyo - JapanXXXI Olympiad
2016Rio de Janeiro - BrazilXXX Olympiad
2012London - Great Britain XXIX Olympiad
2008Beijing - ChinaXXVIII Olympiad
2004Athens - GreeceXXVII Olympiad
2000sydney 2000Sydney - AustraliaXXVI Olympiad
1996atalanta 1996Atlanta - United StatesXXV Olympiad
1992barchelone 1992Barcelona - SpainXXIV Olympiad
1988seoul 1988Seoul - South KoreaXXIII Olympiad
1984los angeles 1984Los Angeles - United StatesXXII Olympiad
1980Moscow - RussiaXXI Olympiad
1976Montreal - CanadaXX Olympiad
1972Munich - GermanyXIX Olympiad
1968mexico 1968Mexico City - MexicoXVIII Olympiad
1964jo tokyo 1964Tokyo - JapanXVII Olympiad
1960jo roma 1960Rome - ItalyXVI Olympiad
1956jo melbourne 1956Melbourne - AustraliaXV Olympiad
1952jo helsinski 1952Helsinki - FinlandXIV Olympiad